LIZARAARTLOFT....Art by Lizara


I watch
the look
upon her face
suspended on her toes
with such
an artful grace.
The others
upon the floor
as this ballerina twirls
leaps some more.
in a silhouette,
she goes,
into her pirouette.
Practised well,
for this,
very day,
as she raises up
into pointe.
Such disciplined
she makes
every turn
she takes.
Does she feel pain
or fear?
when she
has her audience
to endear.
I pretend,
I am this Ballerina
so dear
where my troubles in this world,
I look
at her face
so very pale
As she strives
so hard,
not to fail.
copyright of Liz Sutcliffe


"Paint me a picture of you and I"
Is what he said to me.
I painted the picture that did not lie
For all the world to see.
I stroked the canvas with my paint
With a picture in my head;
Knelt before him without complaint
And did as he had said. 

copyright of Liz Sutcliffe  


I am not just an ordinary woman.
To someone special, I am unique
At last I know my needs and who I am.
Through my surrender, I speak.
I didn’t choose to be who I am.
This belonged deep in my soul,
Submitted to another when this began;
The love I need that makes me feel whole.
To be controlled is what I seek,
To trust and respect another.
Others may find this weak
But to me, my needs make me very unique. 

copyright of Liz Sutcliffe    

"Mask of Loneliness"

Underneath this mask is someone true.
So why do I hide from you?
Walked along the Venice canals
Lost in this maze, running for miles
Over the bridges, Rialto Bridge too
On this Island of loneliness it seems without you.
Noone can see the tears that fall
Cant see my face at all
Hiding behind my mask as a screen
Smile on the mask is not what it seems
Now I run...Fear of getting old
Fear without you....What the future will hold?
I run faster and faster behind this mask so far
Unhappy to stay forever as we are.
You hold my heart so tightly in your hands
A heart I dont quickly give away
Hurts when you squeeze this heart so tight
You held it gently the other night
Maybe I will take off my many masks one day
But for now my mask is here to stay!!!
I now run slower through the streets of Venice
My disguise will hide the tears of loneliness
Over the bridges,,,, canal of hue
My thoughts and thoughts of what to do?
Oh why do I hide from you?

copyright of Liz Sutcliffe

"More Time"

When you

   beckon to me,

     I will follow you

       though I don’t

        have much


 Like a tree 

 you have pruned me

   and shook 

     my branches    

        at times.

 Like my roots,

  there are limits 

    to how long

     they can grow 

       in the earth.                                                                 

You mark me

  like a lover

    leaves their

      mark on a tree

       To be yours forever.

Then why is it so hard?

  This need

   of mine,

     when all I wish

       Is more of your time.

 You have to go now 

  and like

     the willow tree


        The laughter

        The pleasure

             I hang my branches

              and weep.

 copyright of Liz Sutcliffe